MSRTC Bharti 2020 

24 हजार जागा रिक्त – एसटी महामंडळात मोठी भरती प्रक्रिया

      Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation (महाराष्ट्र राज्य मार्ग परिवहन महामंडळ) :-  
                          1 lakh 26 thousand 115 seats are approved for Class I to Class IV for ST Corporation. So 1 lakh 4 thousand 398 mustache is currently operating. In view of this, a total of 22,242 seats are vacant, including 6,902 promotion posts and 15,122 direct service exams.

  MSRTC Recruitment 2020 👌
Total Post एकूण जागा -24 ,000

Post Name ( पदाचे नाव ) 
 1) Driver-  चालक
2) conductor- वाहक

शैक्षणीक पात्रता काय असेल :-
 चालक करिता -10वी पास असावा , HMV RTO लायसन्स ,P.S.V बिल्ला असला पाहिजे, 1 वर्ष अनुभव असावे

वाहक करिता :- 10 वी पास आणि RTO Conducter लायसन्स व बिल्ला असावा

वयोमर्यादा :-        24 TO 38 Years अँड आरक्षण +5 वर्ष सूट

Job Location नोकरी ठिकाण  

Maharashtra MSRTC  District wise vacancy Details 
1) Ahamadnagar - Total Vacancy 56
2) Satara - Vacancy 514
3) Sangali - 761 
4) Kolhapur -383
5) Nagpur 865
6) Chandrapur 170
7) Bhandara 407
8) Gadchiroli. -182 vacancies
9) Wardha–268 vacancies
10) Aurangabad–240 vacancies
11) Jalana–226 vacancies
12) Parbhani–203 vacancies
13) Amravati–230 vacancies
14) Akola–33 vacancies
15) Buldhana–472 vacancies
16) Yavatmal–171 vacancies
17) Dhule––268 vacancies
18) Jalgaon––223 vacancies
19) Nashik––112 vacancies
20) Pune––1647 vacancies
21) Solapur-  591 vacancies
GRAND TOTAL ⇒8022 vacancies

MSRTC Recruitment 2020:-
           Big corporations will be recruited in ST corporations. However, in the last two years there have been vacancies in the corporation but they have not been appointed. Therefore, 15,000 vacancies have been created It has a large number of vacancies, mainly drivers, carriers. Earlier in 2014, there was a large recruitment of ST corporations. However, between 2014 and 16, no seats were filled in two years.
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