MPSC Departmental PSI Exam Test 04 - Question Papers || MPSC PSI Limited Departmental Examination paper Test -04

 MPSC Departmental PSI Exam Test 04 - Question Papers  || MPSC PSI Limited Departmental Examination paper Test -04

      [ Test Number 04 सोडवा  मोफत  ] 

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                     नमस्कार मित्रांनो आपण  Departmental PSI Exam ची तयारी करत आहात का? तेव्हा Dept PSI Exam Syllabus पहिला असेलच त्या नुसार law पेपर ची तयारी करावी लागेल. आपण या ठिकाणी daily 10+ Question per पोस्ट टाकणार आहोत तेव्हा या वेबसाईट ला रोज भेट द्या आणि मोफत तयारी करा. We are publish online test for Dept PSI exam daily so don't forget to visit twice a day here. on this site we are trying to provide various Dept PSI Exam Online test with Answer. we add 10+ Question per post in this online MPSC PSI Exam Test we add both papers Question with Answer. let's start following MPSC Dept PSI online test below. Previous test series links of Dept PSI Exam  are given end of the post candidates must solve previous test also.

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[ Test Number 04]

Dept PSI Exam Law Paper Test - 04 |पोलिसांची खात्यांतर्गत परीक्षा ची तयारी करिता आज  10 प्रश्न  अभ्यासा:-

(Special English Question are covered here so read it carefully daily )
1). Old Hindi movies were often great hits because of memorable lyrics. The underlined word can be understood to mean. (lyrics)
1) limericks
2) songs
3) graffiti
4) speeches

2)  He uses to go for a morning walk daily. Which of the following would replace the underlined part in the above sentence to correct it :

     1) has used to go
    2) used to go
 3) was used to go
 4) had used to go
3) Ravi………………a severe headache since early this morning.
1) has been having
2) is having
3) has
4) has had

4) Pick out the sentence where the underlined word has been used as a verb form:
    1) The Police were not satisfied with the answer of the Culprit.
2) The answer was not approved by any one
3) Ramesh always gives wrong answer
4) The boy could not answer all the Questions

5) Choose the correct synonym of the underlined word. Humility means politeness. Which of the following words is a synonym of it.( politeness)

   1) modesty
2) mirth
3) frugal
4) frown

6) Select the accurate meaning of solicit

    1) request
2) admit
3) propose
4) perform


7) Select the most appropriate meaning of the given idiom.
" Donkey's years "
(a) once in a while (b) having long ears (c) instantly (d) a very long time
 8) Identify the incorrect sentence/s. a) A bridge was built across the river. b) the boy was below twelve. c) There is a fan above her head.

    1) Only (a) and (b)
2) Only (b) and (c)
3) Only (c)
4) Only (a)

9) Which one of the following two sentences is incorrect? a) I packed my luggages. b) Scouts wear half paints.

   1) Only (a)
2) Only (b)
3) Both
4) Neither

10)  Choose the word which is similar in meaning to the given three words: Ceremony, Convention, Custom –

    1) Communication
2) Propitiation
3) Ritual
4) Sacrifice
वरील १० प्रश्नाची उत्तरे खाली दिलेली आहेत  (Answers Given Below ):- 

प्रश्न क्र.०१)  उत्तर ;-2) songs
प्रश्न क्र.०२)  उत्तर :-  2) used to go
प्रश्न क्र.०३) उत्तर :-  1) has been having
प्रश्न क्र.०४) उत्तर :-4) The boy could not answer all the Questions
प्रश्न क्र.०५) उत्तर :-1) modesty
प्रश्न क्र.०६) उत्तर :-1) request
प्रश्न क्र.०७) उत्तर :- d) a very long time
प्रश्न क्र.०८)उत्तर :- 3) Only (c)
प्रश्न क्र.०९) उत्तर :-3) Both
प्रश्न क्र.१०) उत्तर :-3) Ritual
( important Note :-  If you any correction or change required in above Question so please don't forgot to comments below )

मित्रानो मागील टेस्ट क्रमांक ०१ सोडवली  कि नाही? नसेल सोडवली तर येथे क्लिक करा आणि सोडवा व अभ्यासा. 
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